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Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

…with the Pope as Simon Cowell

Back in the day when I used to think going to mass made me a better person, I’d always enjoy going to different churches in the city and trying to find the worst priest. Now this was no simple contest. I would judge these men on things like who had the most pointless homily, or … Continue reading »

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A friend of mine had a great perspective on funerals the other day. Now, I’m sure all of us are familiar with the eulogy that goes something along the lines of “We shouldn’t be sad that johnny’s dead, he died doing what he loved, he loved his job as a rodeo clown and thats how … Continue reading »

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As the pages turn the clock follows Time never ceases according to our pain We can cry We can scream We can plead to the stars It has unfeeling arms Two hands that spin never to stop So goes the motto of the clock If you close your eyes Awaken your mind Time has now … Continue reading »

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