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Monthly Archives: July 2007

It may be the Second City but its first in my heart.

Yesterday I start my first day of the Adult Improv Intensive Class at the Second City Training Center in Toronto.  THE TRAINING CENTER makes it sounded like Canadians are preparing an army of witty, quick thinking comedians to take the world by storm. Monday to Friday from 6-10pm I’m basically at funny camp. There are … Continue reading »

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Local Boy and quasi-relative makes good

Its always good to see someone you know hit the jackpot. Its even better when they actually deserve it. Denis Simioni, who we’ll call my cousin because he’s one of those friends of the family that I didn’t even find out I WASN’T related to until I was about 13. Denis and his brother Frank … Continue reading »

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…with the Pope as Simon Cowell

Back in the day when I used to think going to mass made me a better person, I’d always enjoy going to different churches in the city and trying to find the worst priest. Now this was no simple contest. I would judge these men on things like who had the most pointless homily, or … Continue reading »

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