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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Done and Done.

While sitting in the corner of a restaurant of about 40 people, I went over all the different scenarios of how my performance could go terribly wrong. While other vocal students took to the stage, I pretended to listen, all the while just being sure I still remembered the words to my song. Just when … Continue reading »

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Fears Schmears

Everyone is afraid of something.  There! The secret’s out. No matter if its spiders, public speaking, heights, or marshmallows. Each of us has something that even the thought of gets our hearts beating a little faster and takes every drop of moisture away from our lips. Recently I’ve been trying to adopt the habit of … Continue reading »

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A portrait of life

Good day all, This has to be my favourite poem that I wrote almost 5 years ago, mind you, its pretty long so I don’t know if I can still classify it as a poem so I’m open to a new categorization if anyone has one. As we aimlessly tease ourselves with a sense of … Continue reading »

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