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Monthly Archives: September 2007

World’s dumbest phrases…

There’s a lot of things that have been passed down through the years that really have little purpose, and don’t make much sense at all. Sadly, we never seem to ban together to do away with them. A short list would be things like royal families, female comedians, brussel sprouts, and arguably most of the … Continue reading »

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Choose your own Adventure…

Does anyone out there remember those great books they used to have in grade school libraries where the hero would be in the middle of some tumultuous decision and then at the bottom of the page it read: To venture into the caves turn to page 23 OR To climb the treacherous mountain side turn … Continue reading »

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A night in white…

Or as it was called in Madrid this past Saturday night, La Noche en Blanco. There are 6 of these nights throughout Europe and Spain´s version was in Madrid Saturday night. Its a night of art and culture where the museums are open and free of charge, the people of the city take to the … Continue reading »

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