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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Personal Pub Crawl

Still in Prague just checking out the sights and looking forward to my next nap or opportunity to stretch my over worked legs. The highlight so far without contest was Tuesday night.   After not being able to find the meeting point for a daily pub crawl and then walking in and out of a … Continue reading »

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Holiday naps

As my compatriot and I went to sleep at 230am last night the plan was to force one another out of bed by 10am at the latest so to make today a full day of sightseeing and to hopefully get our internal clocks set to Prague time. 7am came around and I was wide awake … Continue reading »

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Czech me out…

So after a rather pleasant flight and the fastest bag return I’ve yet to encounter in my travels i’m here in Prague with the wingman of all wingmen Dameion. We arrived at our hostel at 7am and were greeted by a not so friendly steel door that successfully blocked our entrance to where we might … Continue reading »

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