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Monthly Archives: October 2007


Normally… But since I happened to come across THIS interesting article originally published by I’ve suspended my distaste for the Gazillionaire woman for the time being. The article primarily discusses “The Spotlight Effect” and how we sometimes fear expressing ourselves the way we’d like to because of the possible embarrassing outcomes that may result. … Continue reading »

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FINALLY!!! A hook up for South American drugs!

Though I really have no need for drugs from South America, I’ve always wanted to be like Red from The Shawshank Redemption, “I’m just a guy that knows how to get things.” It doesn’t mean I have to actually get them, but, I know how to. I apologize for being so long without a post, … Continue reading »

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Life according to Pitt

I typically shy away from linking to an article quoting most celebrities on important topics(comedians don’t count… just because), because frankly, most celebs -minus their publicist/writer/agent/manger/press agent/mom/dad don’t have much to offer in terms of perspective. But call me daring, I like Brad Pitt. He’s always been the guy thats played to both genders in … Continue reading »

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