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Monthly Archives: October 2007

I’m under HOUSE arrest

Up until about a week ago I had 3 television shows that kept my insatiable desire to be entertained at bay. Those shows are Heroes and Smallville for the ultimate geek in me, and Scrubs for its genius humour. But recently, thanks to the miracle of video streaming, I’ve been watching various episodes of HOUSE, … Continue reading »

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These people should be hunted down

You get home from a long day at work, change into more comfortable clothes, have a light snack and sit down to check some personal emails and unwind a little bit from your day. You log into your yahoo or hotmail or gmail account and find in the 24hrs since you last checked your account … Continue reading »

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The Rationalist

All over the world there’s a new movement taking place and slowly but surely its getting some traction in my generation. Its that of the Rationalist. Rationalism is typically of the frame of thought that truth is not obtained by the senses, but in an intellectual and deductive way. It seems North America may have … Continue reading »

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