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Monthly Archives: January 2008

And whose dream was THIS…

Today on my lunch on a beautiful Spanish afternoon I sat at my desk and loaded up the to check out what was going on in my home and native land of Toronto, Ontario. As the home page appeared I had to refresh the screen just to make sure what I was reading was … Continue reading »

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This just in…

Sushi on a conveyor belt may sound like the coolest experience ever, but trust me, its problematic for guys like me whose appetite has no off switch. Well, the only time it turns off is when there truly is no more room remaining and it becomes too taxing to eat through the pain. Yet interestingly … Continue reading »

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Appreciation for Women

This isn’t going to be your typical male praising of supple breasts, shapely legs, and spank durable asses; its not even going to cover girly smells (which all men secretly love). But first let me explain the week I’ve had. I’ve missed 3.5 days of work and lost 5 days of my life due to what … Continue reading »

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