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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Pure Inspiration

How motivated do you need to be as a person to be a motivational speaker? Swallow that pill next time you can’t get to sleep. 😉 That question was just one of the copious amounts of goodness flying through my brain when I watched Tony Robbins’ speech (added below) from the TED conference. TED (Technology, … Continue reading »

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Hey everyone, Perfectly Turbulent has been online for almost 8 months and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read any one of my postings, even if you hated it and called me a huge loser to your computer monitor, that’s cool too. I’d really enjoy it if … Continue reading »

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Best Laughs Online

I always thought the best way to get a good belly laugh on the internet was to surf around on YouTube. I mean, there`s always someone getting hit in the head with a shovel, little kids biting each other, or a fat girl falling down a hole. Now I’ll admit, the girl falling in the … Continue reading »

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