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Monthly Archives: April 2008

No man is an island

Though you can come close if your name happens to be Cuba, but then you’d have to be socialist or a black actor, and both come with their own bag of problems. But I digress; I’ve found since I have been working from home, I spend less time fantasizing about a madman murdering my colleagues … Continue reading »

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The War Of The Sexes Continues…

Well, it appears The When Harry Met Sally Debate is a sensitive issue. Apparently nobody is too keen on their significant other dedicating time to their “platonic” (bullshit) male/female friends. I think there is one thing people need to understand, for most things, men and women are THE SAME. Say it with me everyone…Men AND … Continue reading »

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George Carlin – King of the Rants

After a weekend of very little sleep and more than my fair share of tequila, I found myself surfing online last night killing a couple hours before slipping into a coma around 9pm. I’m not sure how it happened, but I found my way onto and watched about 1/4 of Bill and Ted’s Excellent … Continue reading »

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