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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Bloggers: Typing their way to self-medication

Though my blog is a rookie in the blogosphere major leagues, slowly my friends are starting to read my rants, opinions, and quasi secular sermons regularly. So with that comes dinners, sports outings, and nights at the pub where I get the…”You should blog about that”, on a number of different topics. I guess its … Continue reading »

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Our Father vs. Your Father

So I’m out on a pseudo double date the other day and a close friend of mine mentions how he just came from seeing his nephew baptized. He mentioned he’s the godfather -insert Marlon Brando’s voice here – and we all congratulated him on the honor. But then he continued by saying, “That was the … Continue reading »

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I should be writing for Chris Rock…

A friend sent me this link after reading yesterday’s post.

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