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Monthly Archives: May 2008

So…what’s wrong with YOU?!?!

These days there HAS to be something. With the bible of mental disorders, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th Edition (DSM-IV), currently listing more than 400 disorders all with their own separate set of symptoms, don’t be surprised if you fit in somewhere. When DSM-I was published in 1952 there were 68 … Continue reading »

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Grey Goose Supporters- Mindless Status Driven Drones

Visit any nightclub on a busy night and you’re likely to see one of these meatheads sitting in a booth or at the bar, holding a bottle of Grey Goose in their hands showboating to the crowd, acting like they founded Google. For all of you Grey Goose and other premium vodka monkeys out there, … Continue reading »

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Utter these words in any work place around the world and you’ve likely just set up an appointment for yourself with the staff psychiatrist, who may diagnose you with a possible brain tumor considering your outlandish remarks. Anytime you get a group of people together that are 25+ years of age and the conversation of … Continue reading »

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