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Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Passing Of a Comic Genius

Today was a particularly sad morning, and not just because I realized it was Monday. I opened my Gmail account to see an email from a friend with a subject line I hoped was some sort of sick joke, “RIP George Carlin”. The body of the email said all that could be said, “Damn shame. … Continue reading »

Categories: News, Religion and the battle for Common Sense | 7 Comments

Experiments With Life

I’ve always been the guy that if I read something scientific that’s either beneficial to me or just sounds really cool, I’ll give it a shot. I remember back in highschool I read an article about the aphrodisiac effects of eating celery. (Check out a similar article HERE.) For weeks I would show up at … Continue reading »

Categories: Improve your life, What I'm doing... | 2 Comments

New Car vs. New(er) car: The Battle Rages On

We all called her White Lightning. My beautiful 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. I bought White Lightning from a small Korean girl who, for one reason or another, was leaving the country in a hurry. The rear seat was covered in a huge sheet of Mashimaro, and the car smelt of a lifetime of failed attempts to … Continue reading »

Categories: What I'm doing... | 6 Comments