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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Are You Average or Exceptional? Maybe Your Personal Loyalties Are Holding You Back.

Its long been told that we are typically an average of our five closest friends, that our ties with our nearest and dearest are effectively a reflection of who we are and how we progress through life. With this however, comes an interesting point; With this knowledge in our grasp do we evaluate further? Do … Continue reading »

Categories: BEST OF..., Relationships | 1 Comment

The Dark Hope

As it faded to black and dim lettering came into sight, the screen in front gave focus to the title of a film filled with the honour, intelligence and social reflection that is inspired by the world beyond our windows. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight As any review will tell you, The Dark Knight is … Continue reading »

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The Fragile Ego With The Corner Office

There are few magazines that I will read cover to cover and Men’s Health is on that list. Because of this I now can make a healthy dinner if I’m ever lost in the woods, fend off the flu with a mix of bell peppers, and do that special trick in bed solely reserved for … Continue reading »

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