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Monthly Archives: July 2008

May this common enemy unite us all.

It robs you of your life at parties. Makes you contemplate suicide on airplanes. Doubles your time at the gym, and usually slaps you around like a little bitch at the mall. This unholy bastard child of interesting conversation and violent murderer of free time is none other than UNNECESSARY SMALL TALK. Its likely happened … Continue reading »

Categories: BEST OF..., Funny Thoughts and Observations | 4 Comments

How Canada Is Out-Living The US?

I open my email today, on what is possibly the most beautiful day of the year weather wise, to see an article forwarded from a friend with the subject line: “How Canada Stole The American Dream“. Who’s not going to read an article like that on Canada Day? The article was published in Maclean’s Magazine, … Continue reading »

Categories: News | 3 Comments