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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Why So Serious?

Calm down there shant be another review of the Dark Knight, just my own ponderings while I read my blog this morning. I had such a fantastic weekend and spent a couple instances on Saturday laughing to the point of abdominal pain and many tears. My goal for this morning was to figure out why … Continue reading »

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Are our decisions truly our own or might we just be along for the ride?

In our infinite generational wisdom I like to think there are a lot of us that have come to the conclusion that all that glitters isn’t gold and most conventional wisdom isn’t all that wise. We’re told from a very early age that our paths in life are what we choose them to be. Since … Continue reading »

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Televised Sports: My Personal Ambien

World Series Game Six 1993. It was the bottom of the ninth and there was one out. Rickey Henderson was on second base and Paul Molitor stood on first as Joe Carter approached the plate. The Phillies were up 6-5 and would play Game 7 at home if the Blue Jays couldn’t close the door. … Continue reading »

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