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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Are you getting the most from your news sources?

As the United States continues to spin out of control, taking the majority of the world with it, it shocks me that the election polls are as close as they are.  I suppose this is what happens when a portion of the population receives all of their information from heavily biased (see:flawed) sources.  These sources … Continue reading »

Categories: News, Rants | 1 Comment

Comedy at the Funeral Parlour

If there is one thing I’ve learned about being Italian in my 29.25 years on this earth, its that our funeral wakes are the absolute worst.  No other nationality, at least that I have seen, hosts a funeral so desperately hopeless that ten minutes into arriving you’re considering ending your own life just to get … Continue reading »

Categories: Funny Thoughts and Observations | 2 Comments

Is it wrong to enjoy NOT eating?

About 4 months ago I wrote a post called Experiment with Life in which I described my first experience with fasting.  Since then I have completed two 36-hour fasts and I am currently in the midst of a 24 hour fast. I decided to do my first 36 hour in mid-July on the basis that … Continue reading »

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