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Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Evolution Of An Italian

Imagine with me for a moment please.. Imagine a nation of people who have worked for centuries at perfecting pleasure.  A nation that has worked long and hard at enjoying the simpler and beautiful aspects of human life; like the subtle joy of the company of close friends and family, almost celebrating each gathering as … Continue reading »

Categories: Relationships, Trips | 5 Comments

A Debate Up In Smoke

You see them everywhere; at times huddled in a corner right outside your office building, behind your neighbourhood restaurant, or even suffering inside their own vehicles.   They used to be large in numbers, but as their popularity -as well as their members- are dying in record numbers we tend to show them less attention than … Continue reading »

Categories: Rants | 8 Comments

Do you live your live without regrets?

At one point we’ve all met these people, hell, we’ve all probably been these people at one time or another.  The seemingly self-assured, and over-confident hero that has risen like the phoenix from the fire of their emotional past.  To validate themselves and give purpose to their trauma (small or large) they typically adopt the … Continue reading »

Categories: Improve your life | 1 Comment