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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Could You Go 30 Days Without Alcohol?

Life can be pretty boring without a purpose.  Typically, we all get up in the morning and give a similar performance to the scenes we played out the day before. We get up and brush our teeth, wash away our less than pleasant aromas, go to work, deal with it on a reactive level, come … Continue reading »

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For those of you up on current events, there was an Abortion Doctor that was murdered in the U.S. recently, and now the man arrested for the crime is being quoted in the paper claiming there are many more violent acts planned as long as abortion remained legal. You can read the entire article —–> … Continue reading »

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The Blessing and Curse of Self-Censorship

Now I don’t consider myself a writer, more like a guy that likes to write, but this has given me enough insight to know what hurdles a lot of writers must overcome to finally come into their own.  My biggest creative struggle with the written word is self-censorship. About a year ago I wrote an … Continue reading »

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