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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Relax, they can’t kill you…

This post was inspired by the terrible situation in Japan, as so many people went from happy enjoyable lives, then immediately into a world of death, devastation, fear, and desperation… Have you ever been in a room with a few people, maybe even at a party, and the whole group has been rambling on about … Continue reading »

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My Favourite Childhood Story

I think we all have a story from our childhood that we don’t hear very often, yet when we do we remember all over again how much the memory means to us. My parents always tell people that, my whole life, if I get something stuck in my head that I want to do, its … Continue reading »

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Are you the stepping stone to her dreams?

One of the best things that I’ve learnt over the past two years is that its okay to walk out of a movie theater if you think the film sucks. And Hall Pass, with Owen Wilson is the epitome of “sucks”.  Although for the 30 minutes I watched of the film there was one amazing … Continue reading »

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