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A new year and a letter… from myself.

Posted by on January 2, 2008

The flame of 2007 has been extinguished with a breath of finality and so begins a new year, as always, with a spark of hope. The hope of staying on the path to success for some, and for others the hope of shifting gears and making a move into unchartered, and perhaps calmer, waters.

January 1st tends to sparks the thoughts of where we’re going, how we’ll get there, where we’ve been, and why we left. A time to leave behind what was; storing the memories behind a number, categorized internally and accessed in fondness, or locked away forever.

Since I’m obviously partial to the meaning of life conversations, January 1st typically leaves me in a state of internal review. And after a heavy night of New Year’s Eve drinking, lying on my couch and going through 2007 is exactly what the doctor ordered. Well that, 6 episodes of Scrubs, 2 episodes of House and the movie Cocktail.

Around 6pm yesterday as I groggily brushed some Ruffles off my chest, an email from was delivered to my inbox and it felt like a belated Christmas gift. is a website started several years ago by two random guys who thought it would cool if people could write letters to themselves in the future. Obviously being the nerd at heart that I am I jumped at the opportunity and have written myself a few letters since finding the site a couple years back. But as fun as it was writing to myself, it was far better to receive the letter. I felt like I was back in highschool and just received a note from the girl I had a crush on in grade 9 math. I was happy to receive it, but the possibility of its contents left me a little nervous. I highly recommend this website to everyone, especially at the beginning of a new year.

Its incredible how your perspectives can change over the course of 365 days. How seemingly insurmountable circumstances have turned themselves to dust and faded away. Being able to write a letter to yourself puts a completely different spin on the ‘ol resolution schtick as well. Because throughout the whole year every time you feel yourself slipping from a goal I would imagine that letter in space stares back at you. You know come January 1st you will have to live up to your own expectations. Luckily I didn’t include any resolutions with last year’s letter, and thankfully so, because nothing ruins a hung over Scrubs marathon more than a dedicated session of self loathing. But surely this year’s letter will be chalked full of lofty, impossible to reach expectations; so let it be known if I have not made a million dollars and I’m not sleeping with Rachel McAdams by December 31st 2008 I will be balled into the fetal position on January 1st at the nearest motel. Please notify the authorities.

But again, I do recommend everyone check out and take advantage of the incredible service these guys are providing to everyone for free.

I also would like to know what everyone got up to last year. Maybe you can use PerfectlyTurbulent as a small FutureMe.

C’mon kids leave me a comment, put yourself out there for a moment. Let me know of something you are proud of that you accomplished last year.

As always, allow me to throw myself on the mercy of the court:

In 2007 I could not be happier of my decision to move out here to Barcelona. Its something that could have went either way, and somehow I’ve managed to make things work out.

I want to wish everyone out there a 2008 that is PerfectlyTurbulent in every way. Because sometimes when you’re forced into the madness you find the answers you were looking for all along.

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for reading.




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