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A night in white…

Posted by on September 24, 2007

Or as it was called in Madrid this past Saturday night, La Noche en Blanco.

There are 6 of these nights throughout Europe and Spain´s version was in Madrid Saturday night. Its a night of art and culture where the museums are open and free of charge, the people of the city take to the streets and there are celebrations spanning the entire city centre. I know in Toronto this would run from 6pm until maybe 1130pm. Not in Spain, this event STARTED at 9pm and ran until 7am. Unbelievable.

Dameion and I left our hotel for the disco at 2am and the streets were jam packed like it was noon. Teenagers, young adults, families and seniors lined the streets waiting to get into museums, and restaurants or just stood around enjoying the street performers. I guess no one was in any rush to get off to a mall, home depot or best buy in the morning.

When we excited the disco at 7am as the sun was rising, we realized our sleeping patterns were now fucked and so we contemplated what to do with our new vampire schedules. Some ideas included, street sweeper, night performer and club promotor.

My favourite idea was that during our daytime hours we´d make costumes and masks to use to fight crime during the wee hours of the night. To demonstrate my seriousness I scaled a lamp pole in a very Spidey-esque maneuvre to strike fear into any evil doers passing by. I think they got the message. Crime doesn´t pay.  Cecchin´s here to make sure of that.

Today was a little better as I rolled out of bed by 1030am as I had a date with the department store to buy myself some white sweat socks as I´d left mine in Canada. So here I´ve been, stuck in spain with 9 pairs of black dress and sweat socks rocking the white runners, classic.

Apparently finding socks was easier than I thought it would be, it was finding myself a desirable sandwich afterwards that proved to be most troublesome. For some reason the Spainish love their ham, or jamon. (pronounced Yamon). But I was determined to find myself a jamon-less sandwich for lunch. 2hours later I settled for a salmon and cream cheese number that left me utterly unsatisfied and rushing into the nearest Haagen-Daas for comfort. Definitely should have just went straight to the Haagen-Daas.  Lesson Learned.

I´ve only been away a week but already I´m starting to see an important component on what this experience will give me. A deeper appreciation for the quality of relationships I´ve been lucky enough to form at home. But i´m sure you´ll be hearing all about that soon enough.


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