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A portrait of life

Posted by on August 21, 2007

Good day all,

This has to be my favourite poem that I wrote almost 5 years ago, mind you, its pretty long so I don’t know if I can still classify it as a poem so I’m open to a new categorization if anyone has one.

As we aimlessly tease ourselves with a sense of joy and security

We return to the reality of life and remain dwelling

in a pile of our own sorrow and despair

Feelings only caused by our illusions of happiness and hope.

Each vision turns into the opposite of the original apparition

and settles into a feeling of loss and devastation

This is a feeling we have felt far too often and each time it

returns it sends us reeling further into the pit of self


Its like walking down a long tunnel towards the brightest light

the world has ever seen

Yet the closer you get, the dimmer the light becomes and the

further away it seems

An endless paradox that leaves those in search of the light

gasping for air and desperately yearning for a place of solace.

The only sustenance from which to grasp is the dulling sense of

a better place, a better day and a happier journey than those in

search of the dimming illumination of their lives.

Others brighten their lives through creativity and dreams that

are so vivid you can nearly step into them and begin a new


Though each time you attempt that step you are awakened by the

abrupt crushing light from the life you have worked so hard to


After all of this disguise, avoidance and procrastination there

is an answer.

It says that no matter the battles you win, or the battles you


As long as you can continue to battle,

Continue to live, and continue to put your beliefs
your soul

your heart on the line time and again
It proves money does not make the world go round.

Love does not make the world go round

It is tolerance, suffering, and determination that turns this

small ball in which we live.

It is the lives of everyone around us

It is the overcoming of obstacles, pain and devastation that

cause our light to shine so brilliantly that we need not follow

the light ahead of us because we have our souls to guide us.

The deeper you are cut by the trials of life the closer you are

to seeing what you are truly made of.

Through self-actualization we realize how wonderful we are.

Not because we have gained or lost with dignity, but because we

are still here!

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