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Are you WINNING?

Posted by on March 4, 2011

Man, I love Charlie Sheen,

Finally, a ranting celebrity that I don’t want to see maimed by a wolf.  Sure, Sheen’s eccentic, but he was the jock on The Breakfast Club for chrissakes.  The guy has been super famous since the 80s.

That’s over 30 years of living in a world that most of us will never have any idea about. And no, reading InTouch magazine doesn’t qualify you as an insider. Although it might quality you as mentally absent.

Charlie Sheen was in Platoon, Wall Street, and then a bunch of other stuff along the way… and then 8 years ago he started starring in the now #1 comedy on television- Two and A Half Men.   This guy IS a celebrity rockstar.  Who also, lets not forget, comes from a famous family.  He’s Hollywood Royalty.

So why is it that everyone is so shocked or surprised that he’s turned out as an eccentric who thinks his life is just one “WIN!” after another… News Flash!  Sheen’s life is exactly that, one big win after another.  His life is just one perpetual celebration. Sure he’s a high functioning alcoholic, but I can name probably one hundred people that are consistently sober whose brains barely function at all.   Given the choice, I would choose Team Sheen in a heartbeat.

On the scale of success in which we actually judge each other,  Charlie Sheen is kicking some serious ass.  He spent more money by the time he was 25 than most people will make in their life times, and has probably seen and experienced things that married men who hide their porn addictions from their wives can only hope to even find online.   Though ironically, since everyone now knows which porn star he lives with, I’m sure her online search queries are through the roof.

Society seems to ascribe everyone to this life of mediocrity, and made it acceptable to lead a mediocre life.  And sure, there is nothing wrong, or mistaken to live a “normal” or mediocre life, but let’s at least be honest with ourselves.  There are some people out there that strive to live large!  These people try to live up to their own dreams and ideals, and sometimes its quickly or sometimes its slowly, but eventually most of these people pull away from the pack and its obvious who is living and who isn’t.

Like Oscar Wilde said:  “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

I’ll admit, I know people that are truly living their lives. They dismiss the nonsensical goals and restrictions pushed on most of us by family or peers, and they aim higher. And contrary to popular belief, this Tiger Blood mentality (which Sheen claims he has) has absolutely nothing to do with money, it has to do with simply trying, and honesty.

We live in a society where a mass amount of people work in institutions that were founded and built upon the idea of easily replaceable workers, structured into a factory, a union, or a corporation, without many options except…

“Follow our rules, collect a stable paycheck, say what we tell you to say, retire, collect your pension, and go quietly into that sweet night.”

For better or for worse this is something I”ve never been able to do, normal institutions and most ideals passed down by my parents and grandparents have never made sense to me. Not because they don’t mean well in their advice or suggestions, but their era is a vastly different era than we live in today.   Much more is possible today than even 10 years ago, nevermind 20, 30, or 40 years ago.

We have to stop listening to our parents, or those we are told are in charge and take their words as gospel (or even taking the gospel as gospel).   Most of these “authority” figures haven’t a clue what they are talking about, they’re just passing down what someone else told them.  Just because a paradigm of thought made sense yesterday, does not necessarily make it true today.  Too many people are living their lives without thinking and just doing whatever is easiest opposed to what is needed to live the lives they expect of themselves.

I admit, I struggle with this each and everyday.   I definitely have the tiger blood, and its my goal not to live a life of mediocrity, but actually following through is not easy.  Getting up everyday and not taking the easier path, which may or may not include a 4  hour nap, an ice cream, and some funny cartoons is a constant challenge.  But its one I continually have to make in order to keep WINNING.

The hardest part of this process is just being honest with myself and asking,  “Where do I really want to be in X amount of months, years, etc?” and then I have to be honest with what it will take to get there.

Its like losing weight, you might want to eat a cheesecake, but you have to be honest with yourself that every bite of that cheesecake is either undoing, or slowing down your progress to your ideal weight.   And people that continue to take the easy (or easier) route for each and every decision of their lives will eventually find themselves in a place that even clever rationalization won’t help them with. Although ironically, some cheesecake might numb the pain (insert reference to north america’s obesity epidemic).

So let’s all try to avoid a fate in which we let ourselves down.

Because if we exist in a state of apathy for long enough we’ll begin to think its the way life should be, and its not. Lets be serious, those that really know you notices if you’re not living up to your potential, just like they notice if you do.  And I think too many times we think we are fooling everyone, but if you can’t fool yourself, why should the rest of us be fooled?

Life is about chasing everything you want out of it.  So if that means dumping/divorcing someone, quitting your job, selling your house, or just flat out starting to listen to the kid inside your head that is still crying out loud for you to follow your dreams and have some more fun…. well, then that’s up to you to do.

As for me, I am going to try to keep channeling my inner Charlie Sheen, stay honest with my own goals vs. the imposed goals of my peers/family/mediocre society and keep on winning until there’s no more time left on the clock.

Because if you’re not winning, you’re losing… especially if you’re not even in the game.

Good luck!

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