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Author Archives: Michael

Rearview 35

I have a theory that I’ve been explaining to people at parties over the years that usually earns itself equal parts agreement and laughter. It has to do with how we assess the world around us as we age. I think it’s fair to say that until we’ve had 30 years on Mother Earth, we … Continue reading »

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The Value of Criticism…

It’s no secret to those that know me well, some of the things I enjoy most are discussions about meaning and the human condition.  How words and phrases shape how we think, how we evolve and essentially how we interact with the world…I love that shizzz.   And nothing is more valuable to a discussion like … Continue reading »

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The Image Quote Trap

This year, one of the coolest things I’ve added to my life this year is the mental collaboration with a good friend of mine, Andrew.  Aside from the onslaught of daily emails we send one another,  we have been having weekly phone calls to discuss the implications of, “What it means to live a valued … Continue reading »

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