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Barcelona the mighty…

Posted by on July 8, 2011

The more I walk around this city the more I realize that it frankly just kicks every other city’s ass.

Sure, there are your typical negatives that come with any city, like air quality,  less green space, and noise, but Barcelona more than makes up for it with its vast other qualities.

The most important of which is weather.

Barcelona doesn’t get snow. For me, that’s enough of a factor to put Barcelona ahead of nearly every North American city. Because it doesn’t matter if your city is giving out free blowjobs and cunnilingus as part of a weekly community service program; because that doesn’t excuse the fact that going for a walk in the winter can be considered an act of courage.

Consistent good weather is such an underappreciated boost to everyday happiness, that now the thoughts of experiencing another Canadian winter puts me into a emotional state, that is kin to a 4 year old revolting in a grocery store aisle.

Next is convenience…

There are so many little bakeries, coffee shops, pharmacies, grocery stores, and restaurants that are within 7 steps of every apartment building in the city that regardless of whatever you need throughout the day, its waiting for you to just come and get it.  And remember, you’ll never need boots, a touque (look it up if you’re not canadian), gloves, and 3 layers of shirts before you leave the house.

Next is transportation….

This is pretty simple. Having to own a car and drive everywhere is a burden and waste of money.  With the eurorail system throughout the continent, and a city of cheap taxi rates, an amazing and cheap metro/public transport system, next to free bicycle rentals….

Driving is almost completely unnecessary. And if it is necessary, the city is so manageably sized that owning a scooter is a very viable and efficient option.  Plus is 1/10th the cost and upkeep of a car.    Calculate how much you spend on your car(s) every year (including purchase price, gas, maintenance, insurance, renewal, etc) and then think about how different your life would be if you had all that money in your bank account instead.

Next up… FOOD.

Fresh produce. Fresh coffee that is well made. Restaurants that span the flavour spectrum from italian and tapas, to middle-eastern and Asian fusion.  If you want to eat something specific tonight, Barcelona has it.

Now if those reasons weren’t good enough, here is the clincher.


Barcelona is home to some amazing beaches.  Sure, they aren’t as perfect as Hawaii or Thailand, but there are nearly a dozen beach spots between Barcelona and Costa Brava, which is an hour away. And then Costa Brava has some truly incredible beaches.

So the quality of most of the beaches aren’t the true selling features of Barca, but when you juxtapose this element of decent to good beaches along with the city itself… its a homerun.

I am not even going to dive into the fact that Barcelona basically has a parade or some amazing event every other week and its lounges and nightlife are so much fun, no matter if you just want to go out for a nice drink and some jazz, or light up the town with the younger, dancier (its a word now) citizens.

I could go on, but maybe you should just come and experience it for yourself.

Barcelona is the kind of city, that every other city wishes it could be…. yet never stands a chance.

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