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Lost In The Woods

Every time I think North American news has even the slightest chance at a few days of reasonable coverage (minus FOX and fiends, of course), something ludicrous happens. Leave it to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show to fuel my fire. I was in Toronto this past weekend celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday, and everytime … Continue reading »

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The emotional trauma of loving a married woman

Its been said that you always want what you cannot have, and now I finally understand. When I started to realize what was happening I desperately fought my emotions back and tried to convince myself that what I was feeling wasn’t real, that it could never be, but love doesn’t listen to reason.  Sometimes you … Continue reading »

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Life according to Pitt

I typically shy away from linking to an article quoting most celebrities on important topics(comedians don’t count… just because), because frankly, most celebs -minus their publicist/writer/agent/manger/press agent/mom/dad don’t have much to offer in terms of perspective. But call me daring, I like Brad Pitt. He’s always been the guy thats played to both genders in … Continue reading »

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