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Improve your life

Absence of Honesty, Absence of Growth?

In a social world, each of us are quite familiar with the balancing act that is The Social Contract. This contract is what we universally sign up for when we become friend, lover, sibling, or spouse, to name just a few of our more important relationships. Our more general social contract is essentially the golden … Continue reading »

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Fake Fear and the Fight for Experience

I have been terrified of things for most of my life.   And by things, really, I mean a lot of things. Public speaking, Financial Reporting, Traveling, Love,  Death, Driving in a car with someone who clearly shouldn’t be driving, Sketchy Chinese Restaurants, Mexico,  Religious People,  Surfing,  Sting Rays, JellyFish,  Drowning, Growing a Business, Starting a … Continue reading »

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Happiness within the hunt

Anyone from the celebrities in Beverly Hills to the homeless people they might step over on their way into Starbucks can tell you life is tough.  Its no mystery. We come into this world totally clueless, and then effectively spend the remaining years on earth just trying to figure shit out. Life may as well … Continue reading »

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