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Dear “Doctors”: McDonald’s makes me happy, not fat.

It never gets boring for me to see people that have spent over ten years of their life in school studying  human anatomy, biology, and health totally miss the ball when it comes to the simplest things regarding weight loss, health, and accountability. If you want the full article that I’m referring to click — … Continue reading »

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Are you getting the most from your news sources?

As the United States continues to spin out of control, taking the majority of the world with it, it shocks me that the election polls are as close as they are.  I suppose this is what happens when a portion of the population receives all of their information from heavily biased (see:flawed) sources.  These sources … Continue reading »

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Barack Obama – In Defense of himself and an attempt at reason

The final debate between Senator Obama and Senator McCain has come and gone. I now sit patiently to see how Republican pundits around the U.S. will put on their imagination caps and claim McCain won by a landslide. Last night’s debate was far and away more effectively moderated than the previous confrontations.  Bob Schieffer finally … Continue reading »

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