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Open Discussions

Are you the stepping stone to her dreams?

One of the best things that I’ve learnt over the past two years is that its okay to walk out of a movie theater if you think the film sucks. And Hall Pass, with Owen Wilson is the epitome of “sucks”.  Although for the 30 minutes I watched of the film there was one amazing … Continue reading »

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Are you WINNING?

Man, I love Charlie Sheen, Finally, a ranting celebrity that I don’t want to see maimed by a wolf.  Sure, Sheen’s eccentic, but he was the jock on The Breakfast Club for chrissakes.  The guy has been super famous since the 80s. That’s over 30 years of living in a world that most of us … Continue reading »

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Course Correction and Wanting More

I don’t know why, but every few months I read an article about motivation, drive, and ensuring that you are still on the right path.  And the part of the article that always jolts me back into consciousness is the part about reassessment. I find I will set my projects and goals about 3 months … Continue reading »

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