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Philosophical Arguments

Are you the stepping stone to her dreams?

One of the best things that I’ve learnt over the past two years is that its okay to walk out of a movie theater if you think the film sucks. And Hall Pass, with Owen Wilson is the epitome of “sucks”.  Although for the 30 minutes I watched of the film there was one amazing … Continue reading »

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Stubborn Reasoning

On the eve of Easter Sunday just shy of 3am, what better activity to begin for a 1/2 hour drive home than a heated debate on religion. The mere fact I allowed myself to get involved in a debate with two catholics about religion, for over an hour, was my first mistake. The more logical … Continue reading »

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Is Your Life Sacred?

So another week has passed me by, as has yet another brilliant episode of House M.D. The reason I love House and will continue to, even over the rest of my favourite programming, is that I find it’s the only show to challenge its audience.  The writers on House do not spoon feed their viewerswith … Continue reading »

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