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A portrait of life

Good day all, This has to be my favourite poem that I wrote almost 5 years ago, mind you, its pretty long so I don’t know if I can still classify it as a poem so I’m open to a new categorization if anyone has one. As we aimlessly tease ourselves with a sense of … Continue reading »

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As the pages turn the clock follows Time never ceases according to our pain We can cry We can scream We can plead to the stars It has unfeeling arms Two hands that spin never to stop So goes the motto of the clock If you close your eyes Awaken your mind Time has now … Continue reading »

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The Perfect Girl

A smile like a friend you will never forget Eyes that glisten like a timeless sunset Her voice, angelic, inviting, and kind Listens to my rambling till the ending of time Laughter as none other with universal appeal These make her perfect though still not real Her heart, mind, compassion and soul Coupled with myself … Continue reading »

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