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The Chains of Life That Connect Us All

In my attempt to clean up and declutter my inbox of days gone by I came across a piece I wrote in 2003 I wanted to share with you. At that time, May 24th, 2003, a friend passed away very suddenly.  We certainly were not the closely of friends by any means, but when you’re … Continue reading »

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The Rationalization of Love and Our Palatable Truths

Language has been constructed and reconstructed since the beginning of time as a means for humans to communicate with one another and also a medium for our brains to think through and manage problems. It’s my belief that we can only grasp a situation fully if we have the mental capacity to form the thoughts … Continue reading »

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Are You Average or Exceptional? Maybe Your Personal Loyalties Are Holding You Back.

Its long been told that we are typically an average of our five closest friends, that our ties with our nearest and dearest are effectively a reflection of who we are and how we progress through life. With this however, comes an interesting point; With this knowledge in our grasp do we evaluate further? Do … Continue reading »

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