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Rearview 35

I have a theory that I’ve been explaining to people at parties over the years that usually earns itself equal parts agreement and laughter. It has to do with how we assess the world around us as we age. I think it’s fair to say that until we’ve had 30 years on Mother Earth, we … Continue reading »

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A Chance Encounter with my First Love…

It was August of 2010, I was in Ottawa with my girlfriend at the time, winding down a weekend meant to celebrate my 31st Birthday. We waded in the pool inside the Chateau Laurier Hotel when in walked my first love, Elizabeth, trailing behind her adorable little girl. I had not seen Elizabeth in years, … Continue reading »

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Does everyone like you?

A short while ago a friend of mine was talking about a guy whom we have as a mutual friend (lets call this friend Sam). And my buddy was saying how he really envied Sam because he didn’t know anyone that had a bad thing to say about him.  He is always nice to everyone … Continue reading »

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