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What I’m doing…

The Internet Marketing Lifestyle and Why I Hate Twitter.

For those of you who don’t know me (though you’re always free to email), within the past year I have been getting more and more involved in the internet marketing realm, specifically with selling information products online.  A close friend of mine initially introduced me to the internet marketer’s lifestyle and ever since I got … Continue reading »

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Could You Go 30 Days Without Alcohol?

Life can be pretty boring without a purpose.  Typically, we all get up in the morning and give a similar performance to the scenes we played out the day before. We get up and brush our teeth, wash away our less than pleasant aromas, go to work, deal with it on a reactive level, come … Continue reading »

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Is it wrong to enjoy NOT eating?

About 4 months ago I wrote a post called Experiment with Life in which I described my first experience with fasting.  Since then I have completed two 36-hour fasts and I am currently in the midst of a 24 hour fast. I decided to do my first 36 hour in mid-July on the basis that … Continue reading »

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