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Choose your own Adventure…

Posted by on September 26, 2007

190px-cave_of_time.jpgDoes anyone out there remember those great books they used to have in grade school libraries where the hero would be in the middle of some tumultuous decision and then at the bottom of the page it read:

To venture into the caves turn to page 23 OR To climb the treacherous mountain side turn to page 86

And based on your decision you send your hero reeling through the story dictating what comes next. Well right now I feel like that hero(and I use that term lightly).

I awoke this morning at 8am after only 6hrs sleep. I find myself awash in things to do and I find my world is quite upside down right now, and I love it.

As we go through life we all make choices that influence the rest of our lives, everyday we make these choices. Be it ordering the wrong meal at Taco Bell and the next 4 days of your life are spent in the hospital, fighting to staying in a relationship that’s past its expiration date, or in my case, deciding to move to Spain.

Human nature seems to perpetually take notice and shock from the actions of others if their decisions are outside our own comfort zone. In my opinion, everything boils down to perception. Nobody makes decisions outside their own frame of experience or reference. We only make decisions based what we believe and how we’re able to rationalize each situation.

I’ll use my choice to move to Spain as an example of this. Some friends were surprised I would make such a “rash” decision or such a “huge” leap to Spain, but other times I’d hear, “I wish I could do that too”. From my perspective this decision was nothing if not thought out and carefully debated. And it helps I really had nothing in Canada tying me to the country. Were there fears involved in making this decisions? Of course, there is fear and risk in every important decision.

Its ironic, because if you live your life with little to no risk, I think you’re risking life itself. But essentially, risk is all relevant to your perspective; if you believe your expectations supersede your fears, and you see the reward to be worth the calculated risk. It can be little things like taking the night class you’re hesitant to enroll in, trying a new food, or making a new friend. Risk comes in all shapes and sizes.

So for me, my move was still well within my frame of reference, not to mention this opportunity was presented to me. Its not like I went out searching for a chance to move to a country in which I can’t speak a lick of the language.

Mind you, I’m getting pretty good at pronouncing Orange Juice (zumo di naranja). And I only learned that because if I say it wrong they give me a terrible orange “drink” to have with my vodka, and that HAD to stop.

Life is all about Choosing your own adventure and trying to avoid it from choosing you. Its easier said than done most times, but usually its just the matter of listening to your instincts (unless you’re a psycho of course) when you feel a certain mental tugging. We’ve all had our moments of struggle with cognitive dissonance but its the pushing through into unchartered waters that I think builds character and knowledge through new experience.

Every life needs some risk and adventure, no matter the form it takes, but only if it makes sense to you. And you’re the only one that can figure that out.

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