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Dear “Doctors”: McDonald’s makes me happy, not fat.

Posted by on May 22, 2011

It never gets boring for me to see people that have spent over ten years of their life in school studying  human anatomy, biology,
and health totally miss the ball when it comes to the simplest things regarding weight loss, health, and accountability.

If you want the full article that I’m referring to click — > HERE

Its an article about how McDonald’s recently received a letter from 550 health experts (and that term should be used loosely at best), trying to “order” McDonald’s to stop marketing to kids, stop offering Happy Meals with toys and basically blaming McDonad’s for the obesity epidemic around the world.

Now, I’m no MD, but in my entire life, I can’t recall seeing anyone under 12 buy something from McDonald’s on their own. And if they did, they were ordering an ice cream or maybe a hamburger, but certainly not an extra large combo twice a day.

Is it perhaps possible that this is the parents fault? Of course not, because that might mean people have to assume a role of personal responsibility instead of just passing the blame onto a giant corporation and letting their ignorant children run their lives.

And by the way, a cheeseburger Happy Meal only has 550 calories in it, hardly a recipe for childhood obesity on its own.

Martin Katahn, Ph.D., mentioned in his very succesful 1982 book, The 200 Calorie Solution, a daily menu based on standard servings by McDonald’s, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken that would amount to not more than 1984 calories.

His comment: “healthy – no, but fattening also no.”

Here’s another example that’s been pushed along as gospel by the fitness community;

“Avocados are amazing for “fat burning”  this is bullshit, but that’s besides the point; the calories in a cup of avocado slices is 234 calories.  If you eat two cups, which is easy, you’ve just put pack almost 500 calories that you are not accounting for because its “amazing for fat burning (double the calorie count figure for guacamole).  Slight miscalculations like this over a period of months or years in a petite woman, and that is easily the difference between a bikini body and the big girl’s store.

The entire planet, (yes, planet), would be better off if we all accepted the fact that calories matter. No matter how much you wish they didn’t.  And that a clown with funny hair or a new Shrek toy has never and will never swing more influence over a kid than his/her lazy, apathetic, misinformed parents.

Not to mention we are somehow now at a point in society where even Doctors don’t understand simple economics.

If McDonald’s customers started buying less of it’s incredibly delicious food, they would be FORCED to change their menu and shift their company in a different direction.  McDonald’s has already done this in Europe as many locations have closed in Italy due to…. wait for it…. a lack of customers.   If McDonald’s customers were all like me, for example, McDonald’s would be in big trouble.

Because although I seriously LOVE McDonald’s — Their Double Cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and their gloriously delicious baked pies, the list goes on and on — I rarely eat there.  At most I eat there twice a month, and my order is 95% of the time either an ice cream cone or a junior cheeseburger.

But clearly, Mickey D’s typical customer is not me…

Take a look at this for example:

“McDonald’s food has been under fire for years, to no apparent effect on its bottom line. McDonald’s shares have risen by more than 120% in the last five years, which is well above the Dow’s improvement of less than 20%. During the same period, its earnings and sales have moved higher, and McDonald’s has returned billions of dollars to investors via share buybacks and dividends. The stock currently has a yield of 3%. Same-store sales at the chain were up 6% in April, which beat Wall Street’s estimates.”

Maybe if these 550 health “experts” would spend more time with their own children and teaching them about personal responsibility and the importance of energy (caloric intake) balance and exercise as it relates to a healthy life, the next generation would be the one influencing McDonald’s future menus.

Instead, these doctors think its a more noble use of their time to spend their days writing nonsensical letters to arguably the world’s most successful restaurant franchise of all-time by trying to turn it into a non-profit salad bar.

Next these experts should get together and try to get gelato banned from Italy.

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