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Done and Done.

Posted by on August 24, 2007

While sitting in the corner of a restaurant of about 40 people, I went over all the different scenarios of how my performance could go terribly wrong. While other vocal students took to the stage, I pretended to listen, all the while just being sure I still remembered the words to my song.

Just when I thought I would be the kid in the back of the class who wouldn’t be called on to finish the math question on the board, my instructor looked over at me,

“ok, Mike, you’re up”

So I got to the stage and realized I had to make the biggest decision of my life; Do I hold the microphone in my hand or do I leave it on the stand?

The music started to play (much louder than I expected) I took the microphone in hand and went at ‘er like a prisoner serving 4 life sentences during a conjugal visit, umm, yet more nervous and less sexual.

After finishing the first verse and realizing I hadn’t vomited, I was pretty proud of myself. But as the second verse approached all memory of the song I had been practising all week had totally vanished. As my mind raced through the millions of song lyrics I had heard in the past 28 years I could not find the line I had just ran through my mind moments before. I couldn’t believe this was happening, all of my fears were about to come true and my fear will have conquered me.

And then, as the first note of the second verse played, somehow my mouth opened and out came the  line like it had been there the entire time toying with me.


Just as I began to calm down, I think my right leg realized it was on stage and began to shake with terror. It was either stage freight, or I had an unexpected epileptic seizure that was localized to my right leg.

In the end, the whole performance when very very well. I was congratulated not only by my instructor but by random strangers, which I think is what felt the best. Its like getting ready for a highschool dance, you expect your mother to say you look good, but until it comes from the girls in your class you’re still wondering if you may have put a little too much gel in your hair.

Now please understand me, I’m aware I didn’t perform any miracles tonight. I didn’t cure cancer, walk on the moon or even get through to a Rogers Wireless agent within 20min, but I did something I was petrified of doing. And to me, that’s something.

Sometimes a lot of us are so wrapped up in the big picture that we miss the little victories that make life worth while. We take so much time thinking about things we don’t or can’t do that we get into a habit of missing the little things we CAN do. And if you think about it, that’s what life is all about, small victories, and the little things.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as to my upcoming One Song World Karaoke tour.

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