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How to IMPROV your life…

Posted by on July 22, 2007

Improv is now done and I couldn’t be happier that I took the course.

Originally, I joined for something fun and different to do to take my mind off of my breakup but I’m shocked with how much more I took away from these past 5 days.

The whole idea with improv is to try and desensitize you from how most people live their day to day lives. Well, that’s not exactly what the brochure says, but its my take on it.

Everyday when you’re out and about in society, I think its safe to say we’re all just trying to finish the day without making life worse than it was when we woke up.   But its hard to do that without taking some chances, and most just tread where they feel the water is warm.

In my Second City, Level A Adult Intensive class, we went from 6-10pm for 5 days of straight improv techniques and exercises.  A concept that stayed consistent throughout the course was to just turn off your thinking mind and let your imagination take you.  I laughed at this when I first heard it, but its much harder than you could imagine(especially for me).

I find myself in a perpetual state on analysis and thought, so to just fly by the thought of my pants, so to speak, proved very difficult. Our instructor made a strong point, that in any conversation or group setting we constantly censor ourselves. Afraid of what someone might think of you, how you may be perceived and what the possible repercussions may be. Usually we’re thinking for so long, that by the time we’re finished the conversation is over and its shocking if we’ve said 30% of what we would have liked.

It threw me for a loop at how liberating just playing little games like speaking in jibberish to someone, or vocally shooting different sounds back and forth to people can really open up your mind.  I know, I’m a crazy fucker, but all of these exercises and games give you something its hard to find anywhere else.  They give you the ability to just, be.

And I don’t mean, be richer, be smarter, be faster, be stronger, but just… BE.

Be who you are, without BEing afraid what others may think.  To me it seems we’ve created a world wide culture in which its almost frowned upon to be who you are.

IMPROV teaches you, within a small environment, to trust total strangers(your classmates), and to work together to create good interesting stories. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail, but either way its done together.

Its hard to find that sort of group coordination without ulterior motives.  Its nice to be in an environment where everyone is cooperatng, it gives you a feeling that doesn’t come along often enough.

So, to make a long story longer…take an improv class.

You won’t regret it.

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