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Iron Man sets the bar for summer movie season.

Posted by on May 2, 2008

As the Canadian winter is being quickly forgotten, there are few things that I look forward to each summer. Female roller bladers, a car that starts without sounding like it has emphysema, and of course the lineup of summer movies. With the films I’ve heard about that will be coming out in the next few months, I may as well set myself up a cot in theater 12 until the end of August.

A lineup that includes movies like The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and Hancock, an interesting July 4th film that could go either way. Leading this lineup of blockbusters is IRON MAN. Take a look HERE, for the trailer.

Now I’ll be honest, I personally had been looking forward to this film since I heard Robert Downey Jr. was cast as the lead character Tony Stark. Downey Jr. is a sarcastic bastard, and so I already knew I’d enjoy the humour, but the film itself way over delivered even what I was expecting.

To give you a little background, Iron Man is about a brilliant business mogul/inventor (Stark) that is continuing his father’s legacy by leading their weapons and manufacturing conglomerate, Stark Industries, into a period of huge profits and growth. While visiting what is supposed to be the middle east present day to field test some new missiles for the military, Stark is captured by terrorists who demand he build them a copy of his new weapon. As Stark is dragged through the enemy’s camp he sees they are equipped and armed with weapons from his own company. The geopolitical undertones aren’t overbearing in this film, but they’re present enough to see the parallels with current world issue. The subtle opinions throughout the film add to Iron Man’s appeal.

To escape captivity, Stark builds himself an iron clad suit fitted with flamethrowers, missiles, and a right hook that would cripple a charging rhino. When Tony Stark returns to the U.S. he’s a changed man. He vows to right the wrongs and avenge the deaths his company has been responsible for throughout the years.

The plot line is classic Marvel, right down to the hero’s character flaw; Tony Stark’s heart has a small piece of steel in it from when he was attacked and captured, the only thing keeping that piece of steel from piercing the entire organ is apparently a super powered battery he designed himself. Tragic weakness, classic Marvel.

Unlike other comic book movies in the past, the Iron Man story line holds up like the Great Wall of China. The dialog is quick paced, witty, and always entertaining. The action scenes are everything you’d expect from a Marvel film, and the romantic sub story is enough to benefit the plot without drowning us in enough cliches to remind us what a disaster Superman Returns was.

I understand taste in films are completely subjective, but I personally guarantee a fun time his from start to finish with IRON MAN. Don’t wait for it to come out on DVD, its 100% a popcorn theater film.


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