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Life according to Pitt

Posted by on October 15, 2007


I typically shy away from linking to an article quoting most celebrities on important topics(comedians don’t count… just because), because frankly, most celebs -minus their publicist/writer/agent/manger/press agent/mom/dad don’t have much to offer in terms of perspective.

But call me daring, I like Brad Pitt. He’s always been the guy thats played to both genders in his acting…which is ironically how Angelina acted in her personal life. So for Brad’s taste in women, Ocean’s 11 through 13, and the fact that I actually appreciated what he had to say:

Check out the Pittster gabbin’ about religion, the divided classes and bubbled perspectives HERE.

The quote I enjoyed the most from that article is, “Whoever said all men are born equal never left his own backyard. I see people everywhere without opportunity. I want to help level the playing field.”

I find that both poignant, wise, and admirable. They’re a lot of people -and you know who you are- that think poverty and homelessness are self-administered viruses. That all it takes is a little positive thinking and some old fashioned hard work and anyone can pick themselves off the street and right into a braaaaaand newwwww CAR. Well life doesn’t operate like that. If it did I’d be spending my Thursday evenings playing Plinko.

Life is filled with unfortunate circumstances, poor decisions, and raw deals. So next time you find someone, anyone, less fortunate than yourself and have the opportunity to help…do it. You don’t always have to be content with what you have, but you should always be grateful. Because days turn into months, months into years, and a few years down the road you may find YOUR life has turned into an unfortunate circumstance.

You never know what tomorrow might bring.

But ultimately, after reading the article on Brat Pitt, I’m truly left thinking…Spy Game. What a great movie. Thanks Brad.

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