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Miss South Carolina butchers Pageant Question

Posted by on August 29, 2007


As if their political system and policies weren’t entertaining enough for me, the United States has yet again produced another top notch candidate for Miss Teen USA. Even after this girl made a total ass of herself she still managed to come 4th.

Ok, I understand she’s only 17 and contestants get nervous on stage, but when I say she made an ass of herself, I’m talking a HUGE donkey, plumber’s crack, supersized double big mac everyday ASS of herself. Her blunder was so bad its been viewed almost SEVEN MILLION times on YouTube.

Check it out HERE

Miss South Carolina Caitlin Upton is now riding the talk show circuit doing damage control for what has turned out to be one punch line after another. Check out the USA TODAY article where she answers the question again still giving a subpar response.

I’d like to see this girl on Jimmy Kimmel going head to head vs. a monkey in a lightning round of questions. With questions like,

“If it takes 24 hours to drive from Toronto, Ontario Canada to Miami, Florida, the return trip will take 40 hours because you’ll then be driving up hill. ” TRUE or FALSE.

“Chinese checkers originated in which country?

“Please spell your first name.”

Or let’s be serious, she’s 17! Why are they even asking a 17yr old questions about education reform? Most adults can’t answer a question on education reform let alone a highschool student.

Since its Miss TEEN USA maybe sticking to questions about the mall, makeup, and boys in their math class would be more appropriate.

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