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My Birth of My Life’s Playlist

Posted by on October 7, 2008

I’ve decided to start a new category on Perfectly Turbulent called My Life’s Playlist. I figure I share most of my other thoughts with everyone that reads this blog so why not share my love for music as well.

Since my taste in music is about as eclectic as it comes, I am going to try to post one song a week that in one way or another is important to me.  At times the song may come accompanied with some backstory and other times like I might post the video with a little explanation as to why I think its such a great song.

As my first quarter in the jukebox of Perfectly Turbulent I want to share with you “Don’t Look Back – by the Temptations”.

In the coming weeks and months you are bound to see a fair bit of motown sprinkled throughout my selections as its always been my favourite area of music, and considering the great response I’ve received to my recent posts on love I thought this would be an appropriate place to start musically as well.

I own a couple Temptations albums and each time I put in the CD it evokes a feeling of hope and purity from the past that we’ve all seemed to have walked away from.  I don’t hear anyone sing about love the way in which the Motown era used to.  There was a confidence, sweetness, and romance to the Temptations that leaves any contemporary love song in the dust.

Don’t Look Back is a song I heard years ago and was recently reacquainted with it when I purchased the Temptations 2CD compilation last month (first CD I’ve bought in years).  Its a song about love and redemption for anyone that’s either had a huge crush or a past relationship totally let you down.  If there was a story to play alongside the song I picture it as a guy who finds himself in love with a girl that’s been scarred by a failed relationship, not because it was volatile but simply because it failed.  She likes him, he likes her, but she put her life into her last relationship and she’s scared to go through that again. She doesn’t think she’s ready to be vulnerable again.  The lyrics themselves are the guy’s last stand. He’s decided that though he wants nothing more than to have this girl in his life, he can’t spend the rest of his days waiting for her to trust him with her heart.  So he puts everything he’s got into singing her this song in hopes that she’ll finally let go of the past, and give love another chance.

The lyrics are below the video, enjoy the song.

Don’t Look Back- The Temptations

If it’s love that you’re running from, there’s no hiding place.
(You can’t run it, you can’t hide it, you can’t run it)
Love has problems I know but there problems, we’ll just have to face.
Oh yeah, yeah.

If you just put your hand in mine,
We’re gonna leave all our troubles behind.
We’re gonna walk and don’t look back. (Don’t look back)
And don’t look back. Oh yeah, yeah.
And don’t look back, baby. (Don’t look back)
(The places behind you let them re-remind you.)

If your first lover broke your heart,
There’s something that can be done.
(You don’t run it, you don’t hide it, you don’t run it)
Don’t end your faith in love because of what he’s done.

So if you just put your hand in mine,
We’re gonna leave all our troubles behind.
Keep on walking and don’t look back.
Forget about the past now.
Don’t look back, baby.
Keep on walking and don’t look back. Hmmm
(The places behind you let them re-remind you.)


Love can be a beautiful thing.
Though your first love let you down.
Oh yeah, yeah
‘Cause I know we can make love bloom, baby.
The second time around.
Oh yeah, yeah

So if you just put your hand in mine,
We’re gonna leave all our troubles behind.
Keep on pushing and don’t look back.
Now, till I say, we won’t look back, girl.
Keep on walking and won’t look back.
Forget about the past now, baby.
And don’t look back.
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, don’t look back

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