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My Favourite Childhood Story

Posted by on March 9, 2011

I think we all have a story from our childhood that we don’t hear very often, yet when we do we remember all over again how much the memory means to us.

My parents always tell people that, my whole life, if I get something stuck in my head that I want to do, its hard for me to let go of that goal until it’s achieved or failed.  Otherwise, it’s always in play.  And to illustrate that point my mothers proceeds to tell this short story…

I must have been 4 or 5, because I only very vaguely remember this occuring.  My parents and I got into my father’s light brown Pontiac LeMans and they told me we were going to the department store to buy some shoes for me.

Department store. Buy Shoes. Got it.

So the whole family drove to Sears, the Eaton’s Centre or whatever was around in the early 80s and began our quest, when a few minutes into entering the multi-level department store…. Little Mikey had disappeared.   It’s clearly at this point of tale where I verbally berate my mother for letting their precious angel out of their site.  I think now, knowing this is coming, she’s started to change her story a little… so I try to let her editorialize unless she really veers off track.

For what my mother claims was nearly half an hour (see 5 minutes probably), my parents frantically searched through every department, every floor, and every bathroom in this department store trying to find me.   They first checked the toy section, then electronics, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, and then anywhere they could… no Mikey.

And then when they had both given up hope, a clerk tells my mother they’ve found her son.

While my parents were thinking the worst and kicking themselves for not being more attentive, their little son, had never been lost at all.   Apparently, I had managed to find my way into the shoe section of the department store and had even solicited the help of a salesman to help me start trying on shoes… attempting to complete the task I was told we were there for.

It’s at this point in the story that I like to tell people, “See, only 5 years old, and already I’m just trying to get shit done.”

We are who we are I guess.

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