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Posted by on August 20, 2007

I am NOT the world’s worst golfer.

After 9 holes and 180 minutes on a golf course, that’s what I learned.

I’ve been around for 28 years, and just like Facebook, golf is one of those things I’ve been avoiding since I learned what it was. And again like Facebook, I caved.

I find golf is just such a finicky, waspy game and its never really appealed to me. But recently, I’ve decided I’d just like to be good enough to golf with friends a couple times a year on a nice relaxing day.  And when those days come, I’d prefer to not look like a total fool. Golf is one of those rare activities that I have absolutely no intention of putting in any sort of effort to be above average. I frankly don’t care.

Nor do I wish to ever play 18 holes straight.

FOUR AND A HALF HOURS OF GOLF??!! In my eyes, I’d imagine visiting Guantanamo Bay or a proctologist’s office would be a more pleasant way to spend 4 hours.

No matter how vividly I manage to describe my distaste for the game, it could never come close to Robin Williams’ explanation of it in this YouTube Clip (there’s a bit of swearing so may not be safe for work).

It kills me everytime.


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