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Normalcy in an Abnormal Life

Posted by on June 14, 2011

The hardest part about living a life different from the majority of the 9-5 population in redefining for myself what  “normal” is.

Everyday can’t be different. Everyday can’t be an adventure.  That’s not abnormal or extraordinary…that’s anarchy. And anarchy has no roots, it has no foundation, its just simply day after day of chaos and mess.  This is just yet another lesson I am learning on my road to, hopefully, an extraordinary life of traveling and fortunes.

Everyday I try to be protective here in Barcelona, but with a beautiful girlfriend bouncing around our apartment in short shorts, a bakery with delicious foods across the street,  the most beautifully sunny days on our back patio, and a beach 20 minutes away, its difficult to focus my energies solely on capitalism and output.  But I am learning.

I am learning, firstly, to live within the anarchy.  And now slowly I am shaping it to maneuvre within it and function on a daily basis that includes 1 part office rat, 1 part hedonistic, and 1 part poet.



Realistic awareness of my incredible lucky and life span.

The great trifecta and goal for the rest of my life (at least as stated for today), because without all 3 pieces it starts to slip away.

Without production I slip into the mode of struggling hippy artist, spending my days working in a record shop and my nights getting high and pondering what I would name a cross between a Peacock and a Wild Boar.

Without rapture I become a workaholic obsessed with an endless supply of money and toys, taking pleasure only in the acquisition of more toys and more monetary success, fearful for the end of my success and pushing into a future filled with nothing by further fear.

Without realistic awareness I risk losing my sense of time. The moment.  We often take for granted how long and how short our lives are, and how meaningless most problems or stresses truly are.    So if I can keep hold of these 3 virtues, that I basically just made up (not unlike catholicism making up their “holy trinity”),  hopefully I keep living the dream.

Because goddamn it…. right now… life is amazing.

Who wouldn’t want to turn this abnormality into a perpetual existence?

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