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PART 2- Why November 4th is a National IQ test for the U.S

Posted by on October 14, 2008

Since Sarah Palin burst onto the national political scene she has caused quite the frenzy.  Yet she’s done nothing more than provide endless material for every political comedian in the known world and by association dragged the good reputation of the senior Senator from Arizona directly into the ground.

Continuing my summation of the punch-you-in-the-face facts for keeping Sarah Palin out of the White House…


I thought political debates were for the candidates to stand in front of the American people to discuss subjects that concern the voters? In this arena, a possible future world leader should not have to be treated with kid’s gloves, especially when she has appeared as an unknown candidate two months before a crucial election.

Senator Biden was supposedly coached to ‘go easy on her” to not appear sexist.  Biden should have been openly allowed to treat her as an equal as he would have treated any male opponent. This began the notion  on the Republican circuit, that if Biden did let her have it, he would been made to look like a bully picking on a woman.  This paradigm is basic sexist logic in itself and a clear indicator Palin hasn’t the substance to play at the highest levels of government.  A Governor who is supposedly fit to co-lead one of the most powerful countries in the world should not have to be spoken to like the new religion teacher at a PTA meeting.

By Republican standards, Hillary Clinton has “less executive experience” than Palin so by following that logic Clinton should be less fit to lead the country.  With that being said, can anyone honestly tell me Hillary Clinton would have received special treatment if she were involved in a Presidential debate?  Would any self-respecting Republican out there have given Clinton one-inch of space at a debate just because she’s a woman? I highly doubt it, nor should they, because Clinton was a qualified candidate and gender should never have been an issue at this year’s debate.

What voter in their right mind could have watched that debate and not walked away disgusted with the prospect of the future?  Sarah Palin repeatedly and openly avoided direct questions, gave a shout out to a grade three class like she was doing a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest and at one point winked at the camera like she was shooting a Doritos commercial.  It was appalling and in my opinion a complete disrespect to thinking Americans on both sides of the aisle.


The big trump card being played by the right-wing faithful is Sarah Palin’s executive experience as a Mayor and State Governor over Obama’s being a “community organizer”.  I must admit, this made me feel pretty stupid. Here I thought Barack Obama was a graduate of Harvard Law and a United States Senator.  Boy is my face red.  I wonder if Obama could help me put together my upcoming Halloween party.

Being Mayor of a town that has less than six thousand people, and the Governor of a state that has a population smaller than Columbus, Ohio is hardly something to brag about as you jump onto the Presidential Ticket. Even if the entire State of Alaska were compared to Canadian cities it would barely make the top 10.

Experience and job title alone does not a quality candidate make, Dubya is a prime example of that.  Palin’s other highly touted attribute is her raising of oil taxes against the oil companies, “I’m a maverick, and I stood up to big oil”.  So though this was a positive move for Alaska, according to most analysts, this strategy is what most oil heavy countries had already done (Venezuela, Canada etc) so it was merely the popular thing to implement opposed to a calculated executive decision.

To be a world leader you should, to a certain degree be familiar with the geopolitical playing field and have some sort of experience and exposure to the rest of the planet. The fact that Palin only acquired a passport for the first time last year speaks volumes to her world exposure.  Living in the world we have today, and to operate with domestic blinders is not only an ignorant mentality but an almost obsolete perspective.


In the past week Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign have inspired nothing but violence and rage towards their opponent Senator Obama in a sickening display of political manipulation.  At least John McCain appears visibly uncomfortable lying to the crowd as his mannerism visibly change. Palin however, the master manipulator whose sultry smile and fabricated folksy quips stay straight as ever in the face of even the most bold faced lie.

Thankfully McCain has recently been trying to sow the oats of healthy disagreement between himself and Senator Obama. McCain has begun respectably standing up for Obama in the face of a handful of racist voters, one of which has been mislead to believe Barack Obama is an Arab.  Palin’s rally rhetoric have evoked shouts of, “Terrorist”, “Traitor” and even “Kill him”, at the mention of Obama’s name.  The McCain/Palin campaign is resorting to using the same type of propaganda used dangerously in past campaigns, like the poster below of John F. Kennedy provoking an angry mob mentality.  Even respected Republican Congressman Ray LaHood has gone on the record claiming Palin’s campaign rallies “don’t befit the office she’s running for”.

The most recent of attacks has Palin claiming Barack Obama “gives unconditional support for unlimited abortion”, this statement alone is empty and worded solely to provoke anger.  Unlimited abortion?  Palin shouldn’t compare abortion to the bread and salad policy at East Side Mario’s and expect me to take her seriously, and neither should anyone else.

The bottom line through all of this is that Sarah Palin is in fact a smart, charismatic woman who also possesses an unwavering, blinkless confidence in herself that is as admirable as it is baseless and dangerous. This all amounts to the fact that though she may be very capable of running Alaska she is no where near capable enough to effectively function within the highest ranks of the American government.

At 72 years of age, If McCain/Palin are voted into office the possibility of a Sarah Palin Presidency is a very serious reality.  All I can hope is that some of the items I’ve presented will be remembered by even the staunchest Republican supporters when they head into the voting booths.

Neither Presidential ticket is perfect, that is obvious, so I dare not suggest that voting for Barack Obama would be a better choice for someone than voting McCain/Palin. In fact I don’t care if current Palin supporters end up voting for Nader, Dr. House, or for the Governor of Louisiana like RedState co-founder Joshua Trevino. But for the love of their country and common sense I desperately hope they will not play a part in putting Sarah Palin into the White House.

It has often been my view that Americans are much smarter than the last eight years would have the rest of the world believe. On November 4th as their entire country steps into the voting booth, this new standard of IQ test has but two answers: PASS or Palin.

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