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Shop This, Fashion Drone

Posted by on April 20, 2009

So I’m minding my own business at home this morning making a new concoction for breakfast. I decided to go with a two fried egg sandwich, with chedder cheese, salami, and a peanut butter spread.  It was the first time trying salami with peanut butter so I was excited to devour my creation (thumbs up).  I saunter into the living room for my five minutes of eating and throw on the television just to hear some noise in the room.

The first thing I see is Maury Povich and some dude crying about how he has to tell his daughter she might not be his, I groan and move on, searching for a headline of interest.  Then I see something interesting,

“Privileged Woman Gather at Michael Kors Event To Discuss How The Recession Has Impacted Their Shopping”

This is why I don’t turn on the TV unless I have some specific to watch.  Too many ways to be reminded of how messed up some people are.

The entire Michael Kors event, granted, is a great move by Kors.  Invite all of these Sex and the City sheep out for a “discussion on the economy” and make sure they leave with six new outfits in the meatime.  So I can’t blame Kors, well played Sir.

But one of the women they interviewed was a piece of work, so I’m assuming she was the easy favourite to feature on screen.  She is the type of woman who likely has children at home being raised by a team of eastern European nannies because at one point in her life she believed having a baby would be the perfect accessory, or perhaps all of her friends had “one” and she wanted one too. Oh those Joneses, so hard to keep up with sometimes.

This fashionista went on to tell everyone watching at home how much she just loves fashion and how devastated she’s been with this economy oh please, please tell us how you’ve suffered.

Her husband, she whines, has decided to keep her under house arrest and no longer allows her to fly to Paris anymore for shopping trips. What a Monster that man must be. But she just claims to love fashion so much that this economy has been tough on her, that its been so difficult to not go out and buy more because of the limits her husband has put on her lately.

But to her credit she is trying to come up with ideas to make it possible for her to shop more, “I think maybe my husband will just have to do another deal soon.”  What a problem solver

Thankfully the female reporter had enough balls to suggest another course of action, “Or maybe you could go get yourself a job?”  The look of disgust on that botoxed face was priceless.

For those of you that are religious I’d appreciate it you started lighting candles and praying for her husband.

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