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Spain on the brain…

Posted by on August 1, 2007

spain.jpegAs I booked my flight for my life changing experience today I had an amazing thought…

“This experience may just change my life.”

(to catch up those new to the fold…September 16th I move to Barcelona, Spain for a new job and possibly a new life)

Okay, so I’m not Socrates or Plato just yet but work with me on this.

How many times do you actually make a decision on something and sit back and really think about how it may influence or impact the rest of your life. I know a lot of people (i’ve been guilty of it as well) that after making a decision go back and second guess the choice depending on the outcome. That isn’t the case for me. I’ve made my decision to move overseas, I’m happy with it no matter how it turns out. But after I realized that, I began to hear the voices of family and friends from the past few weeks when I told them I’d be a Spaniard in a couple months.

” Wow, thats incredible” “What an experience” “I’m jealous”

“I wish I would have done something like that when I was younger”

“Good for you man. I’d never have the balls to do something like that”

“Have fun learning to cook for yourself again”

That last one made me cry a little. Because though I’ve lived on my own several times in the past, this past year I’ve gotten very accustomed at home with food magically appearing on the table.

But what I’ve realized, is that this isn’t just a little move down the street.  I’ve decided to transplant my entire life into a different country thousands of miles away with literally only 2 people I know. I must’ve hit my head really hard when I was younger to be taking something like this so lightly. I thought about the changes that may come my way, how it may impact my life and actually took a few minutes to sit back and panic.

Thankfully, minutes away from a full blown nervous breakdown I read over my own bio on this site and laughed that I ever spent a minute with my finger on the panic button. That’s when I coined my new motto.

“Fuck it” You can take that however you’d like. 😉 I’ve decided to start listening to my own advice a little and embrace the things in life that may not come around again. Because who knows what this may bring, in 5 years…

I could still be in Spain married with a little chico on the way.

Or I could have moved to Italy, and be running a small pastry shop in the streets of Venice.

Or I could be in jail for selling Spanish babies to the Moroccans for limitied edition cans of FANTA.

Ok, that last one is a stretch, but its possible. I love FANTA.

In a lofty, unrealistic, and idealistic way, the simple fact that I’m in a position to have and accept an opportunity like this makes me feel like the world is at my disposal. Sure, that’s a bit arrogant, but even if this trip crushes my spirit and returns me to Canada a broken shell of man… at least I had the feeling I do now.

And like I mentioned briefly in my bio, I think that’s what life is all about. Finding those little pockets of happiness along the way and holding onto them tightly.

“Because in times of crisis, Murphy’s Law supersedes Newton’s”

So when we look around and Senor Murphy is nowhere in sight we should celebrate each of those moments like its your birthday on New Year’s Eve.


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