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Support the Pope, Support Child Abuse

Posted by on March 29, 2010

Well, its been another wonderful month of revelations in the Vatican City.

For those of you either not reading the news, or if you’re Catholic, ignoring it, Pope Benedict is in the middle of quite the disaster right now.  I call it a disaster instead of scandal because this is a very serious matter.

Tiger Woods bedding every stripper and hooker in the US is a scandal, but when you are the vicar of Christ on earth and it is now proven that you covered up multiple cases of child abuse as a Bishop and Cardinal, well, that’s a disaster.   At least it should be, but from where I’m sitting, most Catholics are still sitting in the pews acting like someone’s grandfather farted and the stink will soon pass.

Christopher Hitchens made a good point in an interview this weekend saying that, even as recent news of more and more child molestation cases come out against clergy all around the world, all Pope Benedict has done is “expressed regret” for these actions.

Am I the only one that finds this infuriating?

I “express regret” when I can’t attend someone’s birthday party, not when someone’s children are being repeatedly sexually abused.

Benedict does not ask for the arrest of these Cardinals, or further prosecution… or not even reparation for the families.  This is mainly because if the Pope supports criminal prosecution for these child molesting criminals he is effectively supporting prosecution of himself.

Pope Benedict is not just the leader of the church, but also the head of a nation, a political leader, yet we still allow a  proven accomplice to child abuse travel freely, and live without consequences.  This action alone looks at every child that has ever been abused by a member of the clergy (and the number is now well into the thousands), and says… “You don’t matter to us. We don’t care”

Christians that claim otherwise are fooling themselves.

These cases of abuse are not “rumours” or “heresay” they are recognized and documented FACTS.  Everytime you walk into a church and give money to your parish and volunteer at mass you are supporting an organization that is clearly and blatantly sexually abusing children on a massive scale all over the world.

This entire issue has been a real blood boiler for me for a long time, mainly because it is obviously a HUGE problem within the Catholic church, yet Christians seem to look past it as if its nothing.

More than one Bishop and/or Cardinal have been allowed to flee their communities and take refuge within the Vatican City. So, is that what the Vatican City is allowed to become now; a refugee state for child molestors and sexually predators? Yes, it is.

And every Catholic worth their Sunday missal should be, as far as i am concerned, up in arms enraged over this world wide acceptance of child abuse.

So the next time you hand over your donation to the collection plate, know that you are doing your part to make sure that future generations of volunteers and alter boys can experience all the torture and therapy that every other generation has.

You just better pray its not someone in your family that gets to reap the nightmare and consequences of your own apathy.

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